Massage is Good Medicine


Calm your nervous system with lymphatic massage

  • Every country in the world has the saying "Laughter is the best medicine". Now we know it's because when we laugh we increase respiration and pressure on the parasternal and paraspinal lymph nodes creating an instant cleansing regulating effect.  Our natural state really is happiness and joy!
  • The Autonomic Nervous system consists of the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nervous System.  “Sympathetic On” makes the body react under stress producing the fight or flight response.  This response helps the body deal with emergencies by releasing hormones, into the blood stream causing a number of physiological effects such as: increasing the heart rate, dilating the pupils, constricting blood vessels, and inhibiting digestion.  The fight or flight response initiated by the sympathetic nervous system is critical in our survival and is very effective in increasing our ability to defend ourselve or to escape from dangerous situation.However, in cases  of chronic “mental” stress or chronic illness, the sympathetic nervous system remains active, suppressing the parasympathetic nervous system which is the rest, relax and digestive system of the ANS.  The sympathetic mode creates an unhealthy state in the body and can lead to many disorders and symptoms associated with chronic stress or illness. 
  • Once the lymphatic system is flowing freely, it enhances healing from any illness or disease.


Gently guide your nervous system into rest and repair mode where you can access the conditions you need to heal and feel safe and sound in your own skin! There is no better pain relief for the body than to self-regulate itself to deeply rest, where healing is able to occur. No matter whether the trauma is emotional or physical, regulation of the Autonomic Nervous System is the key!

  • Lymphatic flow therapy uses very gentle rhythmic skin stretches and light compression pumping movements.  This accelerates and encourages the flow of lymphatic fluid.  This Lymph flow causes a powerful soothing effect on the sensitive nerve endings of the dominant Sympathetic system.  After the treatment the body is now in parasympathetic mode.  Because, of the rest and relax state you are now in, your body is in a much better place to facilitate healing.   

In addition to lymphatic flow therapies, the following modalities are offered:  Swedish, Shiatsu, Intrinsic Touch and Eva Reich's (Wilhelm Reich's daughter) Butterfly Touch Massage especially for children,

pre and/or postpartum support.